Join the crew


Innovate next-gen AI & ML projects.

Skill requirements:

  • NLP
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Python / Java

Enter the world of creating masterly 3D models.

Skill requirements:

  • Mastery in any 3D Modeling Software.

Develop powerful cloud-driven systems.

Skill requirements:

  • Experience in developing cloud-based applications.
  • Atleast one: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Python, Java, or C#

Create strong data-models for state-of-the-art projects.

Skill requirements:

  • Data Modeling and Algorithms
  • DBMS
  • ML
  • Atleast one: Python, Java, R, SAS, etc.

Get immersed into integrating sensors and components to build cutting-edge technologies.

Skill requirements:

  • Embedded C / C++
  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
  • PCB design

Build robust and powerful web-interfaces.

Skill requirements:

  • Java / JavaScript; HTML, CSS
  • Database management (MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase)

Dive into core development with your Microcontroller programming skills.

Skill requirements:

  • Embedded C / C++, Python

Build and deploy official Mobile apps.

Skill requirements:

  • Dart, Flutter / Kotlin / React Native


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